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DK's Autumn Knight 
(Others available For Sale or Lease)


2008, Registered half Welsh, AQPA, IQPA, ASPR eligible.
Bay 8 year old, 14.1+H gelding, Andy has been quietly started, walk, trot, canter & jumping small fences and free lunging over walls, lattice and verticals with great form.

His older siblings are currently on the Rated Show Circuit, several qualified their rider for the Pony Hunter Finals held back East. Another is packing a timid child around the walk/trot divisions also great lesson/show mounts. Siblings have gone on to compete in Dressage and Cross Country as well! You won't go wrong with such a talented young pony. More picts and video available.

Andy is small enough for a child, but tall enough for an adult. He is well suited for an advanced Beginner rider with help from a trainer or knowledgeable horse person.

Top & bottom left image: Teen student schooling. Bottom right, adult student schooling.
DK's Legally Blond
(leased, Shown by Appointment)

            FOR SALE

Blondie is a chestnut, 14.H Welsh cross large pony mare. She has been showing in local and rated shows for about 2 years and has taken a timid 8 yr old from her first walk/trot class to jumping 3' with several Show and Year End Championships! Blondie walk, trots & canters, jumps courses to include verticals, lattice & oxars, KNEES to NOSE every time!! She has a terrific temperament, great flat movement with superb form over fences with confirmed changes. She has been ridden/shown by a pre-teen/teen, currently by a 8 year old student & cantered in lessons with a 6 yr old rider, schooled occasionally by an adult. She has terrific form over fences & the stride to do the Rated Large Pony Division. Show her Short/Medium Stirrup, Schooling/Childs Ponies now and next year be ready to step up to the Rated Large Pony Division, eligable Green. Suited for all three rings, Pony Club etc. More picts and short video available Will be shown at the Rated Shows this season, look for her!!



For Sale

FOR SALE! Legally Blond: 8 yr old carded 13.3 15/16h chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, quite stunning!! If her looks alone don't do it then her superb movement and KNEES to NOSE jump every time will!! Smooth long reaching trot!! Cantering softly and jumping over fences! Currently being ridden/shown by a 8 yr old student, she just packs this little girl around. Every time I see this mare out, she is stunning. UPDATE: Won Series Championship Cooler for 2014!! WON 2 Show Championships 10 and under, Won both Costume Classes, first time cantering for 8 yr old!! First show pinned second in the Hack, placed in her fence classes. Rider commented on how she could see her spots!! Shown several other times with great success!! She is a beautiful flat mover, great form with plenty of scope to excel at the larger fences, changes are pretty solid. 3 short VIDEOS, one with a five year old aboard in a round pen, one cantering a fence, one jumping a grid and one jumping a course with an 8 yr old. This is a future UPPER LEVEL Pony for sure, price should double!! Currently accepting offers between $20,000 and $30,000.
    FOR SALE: The General:  half Welsh/TB 14h black gelding. Walk/trots/canters, trots, canters cross rails, small courses with terrific form and scope over fences. Has been to a few shows and did well. Well suited for a confident advanced Beginner rider with a little help from a trainer or knowledgeable horse person. Will excel in almost any discipline!! See video above of full sister, Legally Blond, to get an idea of his possibilities.

FOR SALE! DK's Sterling Armor: 2012 black bay turning gray, 3/4 Welsh gelding. By Section A Welsh/ASPR approved stallion Greenvale's Dark Knight and out of a half Welsh Pony Show mare, Sterling has been lightly started under saddle, and now starting his showing carrier, all the basics, lead, tie, lunge and loads, he walk, trots, canters under saddle and has been started over poles, cross rails, gates, lattice and walls with some changes. Shown locally at 2 shows, Rsv-Champion both times against a W/B. He is well suited for an advanced Beginner Pre-teen, Teen or smaller adult rider to finish, with help from a knowledgeable horse person or trainer. He is a fantastic mount waiting to be finished in any direction you want to go. With his looks and wonderful reaching movement he should excel in Dressage, Hunters and as his older siblings would do well in Cross Country or Three Day as well!!








SOLD! Pocket Full of Posies: Extremely well trained, Great-large 15 yr old 14.3h registered Quarter Horse/Pony mare. She has taken her little rider from an advanced beginner to jumping 2'6" courses. both Hunter and Cross country. She has shown in Hunter classes with many wins, has shown in Rated Event Classes winning in Dressage, dabbled in Cross Country, she jumps banks, ditches, has been through water. Very willing pleasant mare, not a bit buddy sour, just goes to work doing her JOB!! Recent vet exam disclosed a slight issue with her front left fetlock, normally sound under saddle. With proper treatment this mare should last for years bringing younger students along!! Just a nice all around Horse!! Dressage video, Stadium Jumping video, 6 yr old student, Sales Video

  SOLD! Merry Poppins: 13.1h, 9 yr old Welsh cross mare, with that Hunter movement to die for, so cute on the flat, great form over fences with plenty of scope!! Has be used in lead line/lunge line lessons under the right management. Way more whoa than go, totally non spooky, shown in Woodside. Took owner through the Divisions, Pony Club, Eventing and trail!! Jumps natural objects, goes through water, what ever you ask!!

     Leased! DK's Sacred Knight: Knight is sooo talented, Like a German Riding Pony, Dressage movement extraordinaire! Flat movement to die for, natural head & neck carriage, jumps a 10 every time, with scope & stride to make the distances! Well suited for an advanced Beginner child, pre-teen, teen or adult to finish. Shown locally by an 11 yr old, quiet, lovable, meets you at the gate every time!! Older siblings are currently winning on the RATED CIRCUIT.
SOLD! Darkest Knight: Black/Bay 2007, 13.3h black gelding. Currently winning on the Open Circuit! Midnight was soooo good at his first show, with just a lunge he went directly into his first ever classes of over 10 Green Horses & Ponies!! He promptly placed second in both class!! He naturally wants to come down onto the bit, moves eloquently, walk, trots, canters on Que, trots & canters small fences & courses. Previously ridden/shown by an 11 yr old, currently in a training program. Can go any direction you want. Currently winning on the Rated Circuit!! Showing under Dark Knight.
   SOLD! Starswept Artic Blue: Nice quiet 13.2h gray/white gelding. Frosty is from the famous Starswept breeding program, by FARMORE ROYAL ECSTASY (Casey is out of Pajama Party) out of a section B Welsh Hunter mare Whiteoaks Blue Pansi. Frosty is quietly walk/trotting, trotting poles/cross rails, with young students, trots and canters larger fences/courses with teen. This pony will be a terrific walk trot pony for those intermediate beginner kids and above. Currently being schooled by a teen, ridden by 7 to 10 yr olds at the walk trot. Cute mover, kids love him!! You can't buy a Registered Welsh for that!! 



FOR SALE! DK's Autumn Knight: 2008 bay, Registered Half Welsh, 14.2h Sport Pony gelding!! Movement Deluxe, terrific flat knee reaching trot, started over poles, small fences, gates, lattice and walls, both under saddle and on the lunge line, confirmed changes, needs some additional work at the canter. Previously ridden by an Advanced Beginner 13 yr old and intermediate Beginner 10 yr old, has given some lunge line lessons and occasionally out on the trail. Can be easily finished by pre-teen, teen, adult or trainer. This gelding is going to sell fast, he should excel in any discipline you want to take him. I see him doing Eventing, Three Day, Hunters or Jumpers and has the movement for some Dressage. Kind, personable, friendly. Older siblings winning on the Open Circuit. Price will go up quickly now that I have found time to continue his training.   
          SOLD! Toymaker: 9 yr old 13.1h Welsh cross tobiano gelding. As a youngster Toy logged many miles of trails on a huge cattle ranch, has been ridden some on trails recently, shown "In Hand" the Fall of 2014 at Welsh Shows where he won in the Half Welsh Division. Toy has just returned from a lease ridden/shown by a tiny 10 yr old girl. He is super on the ground, W/T/Canter/Jumps, willingly trots poles/cross rails, canters courses/grids without hesitation exhibiting great form performing changes most of the time. Toy has a bit of a motor, so no kick or spurs needed, well suited for that confident walk/trot youngster or students. Quiet laid back attitude like his older siblings who have been very successful in the California Welsh Circuit & Pacific North West, Ore, Washington, Idaho. Toy will be a very fancy pony when completely finished. Video:
FOR Sale! DK's Sirius Star: 13.1+h, 2007, Registered 1/2 Welsh Sport Pony gelding. Walk trots and canters, trots poles and Cross rails, canters verticals and oxars, confirmed changes. Video jumping grids. Suited for an advanced BEGINNER or beginning Intermediate pre-teen, Teen, adult or trainer to bring along and sell for the "BIG BUCKS"!! Sirius is still FOR SALE, but leased to a 10 yr old in the Fresno area. Her trainer says he is soooo athletic!! Nice mover, quiet nature, not spooky, certain to be a future star!!,,
  Has Returned! DK's Liberty Bear:  2006, 1/2 Welsh ASPR mare, Chestnut w/2 socks & blaze. Large 14.1h, Great temperament, wonderful movement, terrific form over fences as well!  Full sister to Kodiak shown/sold here, well started, trained by adult & ridden by kids. Walk, Trot, canter & jumps anything, looks like a miniature Warmblood. Libby is out of my walk/trot mare that I trust w/3 year old students.  Dam has won at shows like Santa Barbara Nationals, Murrieta, etc. She will certainly excel in Hunters in the future! Price to increase with training.
SOLD! DK's Precious Princess: (as shown above)14h, 2005, Registered ASPR, 1/2 Welsh (pending), Black/Bay mare. Precious Walks, Trots, Canters & Jumping small fences with a 9 yr old rider. Knows her leads, confirmed changes, superb flat movement, with that wow factor & terrific form over fences. First show she was quiet & won her Under Saddle Classes! Second show she won Show Champion for Opportunity Classes! Full sister to Free Spirit. (Free Spirit traditionally wins the hack & wins many Championships at Rated Shows qualified for 2009 Pony Hunter Finals.) Price to increase w/training.
SOLD! Ellie: 8 year old 14.1h gray wider bodied pony mare. Has done Lunge Line Lessons, shown locally all year packing the tiniest rider around the Walk, Walk/ Trot Division, poles/cross rails and showing in the Short Stirrup Division for a advanced Beginner rider. Many Blue ribbons and Championships. Cute mover, cute over fences, always laid back & quiet. Easy Easy Easy!!
Sold! Wally: 15 yr old 14.2h Quarter type gelding, big bodied, so well suited for larger children and adults. Wally has been a trail mount most of his life, but has spent the last year or so in an arena. he quietly walk, trots, and canters, trots cross rails and canters small fences, he loves to be groomed, and stands patiently tied, not bothered by much, is a cute mover and has good form over fences. Not quite ready for a very Beginner child, but I think could be shortly. Currently more suited for an intermediate Beginner rider or above. So Cute!! 

Sold! Pete's Dragon: 2014, mature to 14.1h, bay, Register-able Welsh gelding. He ties, lunges and has been hauled. He is Midnight bred, who goes back to Slight of Hand, through Master Bronze. Snap has now been started with extensive de-spooking, lunging and ground work, he has been backed and soon to be ridden. As his pictures show he is a beautiful mover and I expect no less of his jumping form. He is ready for you to take him any direction you want. I bet you wish you purchased him at his original $1000 price, currently offered at $2500. Working on new video.
Sold! Mighty Mouse: M&M (his nick name) is a very safe great short stirrup & small pony Hunter, shown walk/trot, standing stock still with bucking/bolting ponies all around on several occasions, keeping his rider safe! 6 yr old, 11.3 h bay welsh cross gelding. Sound with no vices. Low maintenance. Lives on 2 flakes hay/day, is barefoot, wonderful to handle on ground, clips, ties, lets his mane be pulled, stands for farrier,  etc… perfectly. He loads & unloads on any trailer. He is happy to go anywhere anytime. Not phased at all by going to new locations, shows etc.. He will be happiest with regular turn out/play time. Has done lead line classes with 5 year olds & was always perfect. He has been in arena when sprinklers have come on accidentally & didn't care. He is great on trails (and enjoys them), not bothered by tractors, trucks or speeding cars. He's happy to be ridden double & bareback, is very strong, easily carry a bigger child or adults (useful for training purposes!). M&M is a talented jumper, has been free jumped him 3 '3 & loves to jump, has no stop in him. He'll go over anything anywhere. Once he starts jumping he maintains an even steady pace, even with Beginners! Great with his knees! He has a lead change but not auto as yet. M&M can be lazy & does best with an assertive rider (a beginner is fine as long as they're assertive). VIDEOS:,
SOLD! Bailiwick Bonnie Blue: another wonderfull Bailiwick pony from the famous Bailiwick farms breeding program! (Farmore Plublicity x Vics Rhett Garnie)1996 13.h white/gray mare, Bonnie was previously used as a brood mare, she is very quiet, willing and will be well suited as a childs pony! She is still learning her under saddle job, but prooves to be a cute mover at the trot, working on the canter and jumping, currently she lunges, and trots poles. Snap this pony up, have the older children ride her for a few months and have a wonderful Show Pony suited for your Beginner students or as a resale project!! Either way you can't loose!!
FOR SALE! DK's Sparkly Maiden: 2007, 13.2h, chestnut mare. Registered half Welsh, cute mover, great form over fences. Stood in pasture after being started, now Walk Trot and Cantering, trots and canters poles and cross rails. She is a project deluxe!! She is easy and quiet on the ground, loads, ties and baths. She is a bit nervous when you first mount, but some circles and serpentines she quiets well.
LEASED!! DK's Diamond in the Rough: 7 yr old 14.1+h Half Welsh/QH cross bay gelding. Like so many of the DK Ponies Diamond will excel at packing children around in the Hunters. Many of his older siblings have sold for over $20,000. He is currently w/t/c, smooth, laid back, which is no wonder as his Dam is my own W/T mare, Shotsey, that I teach 3 yr old Beginner students to ride on. He has been free lunged over gates, flowers, walls with great form & plenty of scope to eventually do the Larges!! He is currently being ridden by a student and schooled by a trainer several times a week. Don't miss out on this wonderful Pony!!

SOLD! Cinnamon: 9 yr old 14.2h Haflinger cross mare. Cindy is going to make one FANCY Hunter Show Pony!! She is a one owner pony, she is calm, walk, trots, canters and jumps. She moves off of your leg and collects easily. She has been on extensive trails, both in the desert and Santa Cruz Mountains. She is alert, but non spooky, easily walk, trots, and canters on correct lead. She has the size to pack a child, pre-teen, teen or adult rider with ease!! Email for Video

SOLD! Parlay: Offered a wonderful 4 yr old 15.2h W/B cross geld. He is very sensible (loaded in trailer 1st time in 10/15 min), curious, personable, that right amount of Pizzazz without being hyper!! Leads, lunged some, saddled, ground driven, backed, w/a refresher ready to continue U/S training. Bred for Sports- His paternal Grandsire, *Spartacus, was a top Sport Horse producer, USDF Hall of Fame Stallion, w 2 Horse of Year sons! W/descendants competing in Dressage, Jumping eventing & Pleasure. Paternal Granddam was a good event mare, Hannoverian/TB cross (to the W line). It was rumored she was Short Listed for Olympics. This young horse has relatives competing in the various sports around the country, taking them out on the trails, and giving their owners pleasure while they do it. He's ready to join the fun! Price will increase with training.


  SOLD! Jigsaw Puzzle: 6 yr old 13.3 to 14h Registered half Welsh & Pinto Horse Association Black and White Tobiano gelding. As you can see he will stand out in a crowd!! Currently being ridden by a student and schooled several times a week by a trainer. W/T/Canter needs some miles, willingly trotting poles/cross rails with great form. After some schooling down he is suited walk/trot for younger students. Quiet laid back attitude like his older siblings who have been very successful in the California Welsh Circuit & Pacific North West, Ore, Washington, Idaho. Currently priced at $6500

DK's Autumn Knight

DK's There's no Equal

DK's Sacred Knight

DK's Happy Days
For those of you who want a prospect to finish here are 3 very nice Ponies!!

FOR SALE! DK's Athena: 2014 13.2h Welsh cross mare. Flashy, bold markings, chestnut color, Sweet, smart pony. Just started but already trotting and cantering small courses, started on changes. See baby picts below. 

FOR SALE: DK's There's No Equal: 2007 14.1h registered half Welsh/QH bay gelding. Now being schooled by 11 yr old, jumping cross rails with CHANGES!!

FOR SALE: DK's Sacred Knight:
7 yr old 13.2h registered half Welsh/QH cross bay gelding. Started, currently being ridden 5 days a week, W/T/C, free lunged over poles/cross rails. Beautiful flat movement, great form over fences with plenty of scope!! Dam showed in the Rated Larges, quiet, willing, laid back.

DK's Happy Days:
 SOLD! 6 yr old 14.1+h Registered half Welsh cross, See what you get with just a little time and work!! Started, after 60 days under saddle, w/t/c, trotting poles/cross rails and jumping small verticals. Sale Pending.

Like so many of the DK Ponies these three will excel at packing children around in the Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, Cross Country. Many of their older siblings have sold for over $20,000. 


Sold: Evans The Bravery: Evans Providence Of The Night x Lane's Cherry Jubilee 2010 black with 3 socks gelding, such a long and huntery trot. Pedigree goes back to International Supreme Champion Land's End Royal Fox by Carolina's Red Fox on the top and Gayfields Now You See It by Sleight of Hand and the Coed Coch line on the bottom, famous East Coast Hunter ponies. YOUR Future Hunter Prospect for Sure!! Currently priced at $4500.


SOLD! Northern Cross Tarquin: Hilin Peredur x Cwrtycadno Tywysoges, 6 yr old, 13.2h, chestnut Welsh gelding, with all the chrome you could want!! Beautiful movement, is being ridden walk, trot and canter, jumps courses!!


For those of you who are thinking younger, SAR had a terrific crop of foals this year. All are register-able half Welsh, have great personalities and temperaments!! Athena below is just an example of the quality of the 2014 foals. Visit the Young Stock Page for picts on the other foals!!

FOR Sale! DK's Athena
: 2014, should mature to large, chestnut with stockings and blaze  register-able half Welsh Filly. She has Superb movement, with an eye catching look about her!!


SOLD! Prince Charming: 8 year old, 13.2h gray/white Welsh cross gelding. Beginner lesson, show pony, so soft at the walk, trot, canter, trots/canters cross rails to oxars. This pony is terrific to teach kids how to ride!! He has been in a lesson program, given lead line, lunge line, trot along beside lessons to very beginner first time children. Terrific to teach students to canter & jump as he has a soft canter & can trot or land softly into the canter after the cross rail. Has been to Rated shows,
trailers well, settles quickly with little or no prep. Not only is he terrific in a lesson program he doesn't put a foot
wrong on the ground,
 dress him up in a costume, ride him bareback, in a halter, such a wonderful first pony for a child!! Make an appointment to see him before someone else snatches him up!!



Sold! DK's Dark Crystal: 4 yr old yr old black bay half Welsh pony mare. Very pretty to look at, well started, ridden on outside trails! Pretty quiet, looking for her partner in life!!


SOLD! DK's Magic Moment: 5 yr old, 13.2h, dark bay, Welsh cross pony gelding. Started in the Clint Anderson ground training, has been backed, and now going under saddle at the walk, trot and canter. Started lunging over poles and cross rails. Seems to have a laid back demeanor when in work. Many siblings are Champions on the Rated Circuit!! Well priced at this time, take advantage of him during this liquidation time!! Take this opportunity to buy a winner!!


FOR SALE! Triton: 16 yr old 16h TB/QH bay gelding. Terrific on the trails,  goes over and through anything, very handsome, has been used in the arena, very smooth Walk, Trot and Canter, trots poles to cross rails and canters 2'6" fences with ease. Easy in a stall or Paddock, gets along with other horses. Just a nice big Teddy Bear!!


Leased! Starswept in a Jiffy: Jiffy, 13.2h 9 yr old registered half Welsh pony mare by the imported stallion Eyarth Grenadier now standing in Florida. She is out of a nice Hunter mare who showed on the Hunter Circuit. Through no fault of her own is back on the market. She needs some finishing, walk/trots and canters, collects and moves off of your leg easily. I see her excelling in Dressage, Eventing/Cross Country, Pony Club. She is well suited for a confident advanced Beginner rider with some help, or as a project for a pre-teen, teen or adult rider. Currently started back under saddle after a time in pasture and priced at $3500, but price will increase with training. So don't pass heer up as she will be gone soon. Video taken about 1 1/2 years ago.


SOLD! Cloud 9: 15 yr old 15h W/B cross white grey gelding. Walk, trots, canters, trots and canters cross rails to oxars with flying changes! Suited for an advanced Beginner or above child, teen or adult rider. Shown 3' at Pebble Beach last year with good ribbons. Small enough for a competent child rider, but large enough for a teen or an adult to enjoy!!           


SOLD! Ghost Story: 2009 Tobiano, bay & white gelding, cute, cute mover, should mature a good sized large. Older siblings winning on the Open Circuit in Pacific North West.




Sold! AM Rapunzel: Flower 2 yr old Medium Chestnut Welsh Filly, very striking with 4 white socks and large blaze!! By Whimbrel Royal Sabrewig (Telynau Royal Charter LOM/AOE/OD/OC), with this pedigree she should be a winner in any discipline!! New owner has her up For Sale at a much increased price!!



SOLD! DK's Fancy That: 6 yr old large seal bay half Welsh gelding. Fancy has been lightly started under saddle, all the basics, lead, tie, lunge and loads, he has been backed and walk, trots, canters under saddle and has been started over poles and cross rails. He is waiting to be finished in any direction you want to go. With his looks and wonderful reaching movement he should excel in Dressage, Hunters and as his older siblings preformed in Cross Country or Three Day as well!!



SOLD! DK's Skittles: 2010 large black bay half Welsh gelding. Full siblings like DK's Snickerdoodle and DK's Bit-o-Honey (currently on the Rated Circuit), you couldn't go wrong!! Skittles has been lightly shown under saddle, all the basics, lead, tie, lunge and loads, walk, trots, canters, jumps anything from anywhere. He is waiting to be finished in any direction you want to go. With his looks and wonderful reaching movement he should excel in Dressage, Hunters and as his older siblings have do well in Cross Country or Three Day as well!!


  SOLD! Evans Jacob: 2010 yearling gelding, expected to mature at 113.1h. Exquisid movement, quiet, curious nature, should take your child to the top!! 
SOLD! DK's Bit-O-Honey: 2006, wonderful 1/2 Welsh ASPR mare, handled from day one by kids & adults. Should mature to medium, great movement, terrific temperament  & should follow in her full brother's foot steps; DK's Snickers (AKA Snicker Doodle). Snickers, sold last year, & has resold $25,000 after just 1 year on the show circuit. He is currently packing a Beginner rider in the show ring.  UPDATE!! All 3 Shows Honey won Green Horse Show Champion!! Year End Championship for Green Horse Too!! In addition she won Year End Rsv Champion for two other divisions against seasoned horses & ponies. She acts like a pro at the shows, little  prep, trots & canters fences so quietly! Jumps anything.
  SOLD! Twister: 13.2h, 5 yr old Black with 4 white stockings, double registered PTHA & WPCSA. Calm, Quiet pony mare, petite head, ridden by 9 yr old student, no spook here, meander around or go to work, solid walk/trot & some cantering, trotting small cross rails. Older siblings showing on the Rated Show Circuit. Younger siblings available as well.
SOLD! Cindy: 15 year old, 12.3h, bay Welsh mare, perfect First Pony! For numerous years Cindy has been an awesome lesson pony teaching children from their first rides to jumping 2'6", used for lessons for a young girl with Cerebral Palsy, who was able to ride her off lunge line walk/trot in a round pen. Everyone was amazed how riding improving her balance when not riding. Cindy is a judges favorite at the shows, great ground manners, and a confidence builder. She is perfect on trails, good cross country, including ditches, banks and water. Cindy has won champion at Danville Kanani HJ show 2010, won many blue ribbons at local schooling hunter/ jumper shows with kids as young as 6, taken riders through D3 Pony Club ratings. She has also been up to Eventful Acres in Grass Valley several times and schooled in water, on banks and cross country fences. Sadly outgrown by grandkids.


SOLD! DKs "Got Milk" aka ZOOM ZOOM: Wonderful Medium 3/4 Welsh 5 yr old gelding. Very quiet, personable, such a Hunter Look!!  See him Galloping through the water to his jumps! Hunter candence & great form over fences! Zoom's Dam is by Destiny Farms Navigator, Navigator is by Farmore Publicity, who traces back to Tammy Burgin's Talybont Quicksilver, out of Willow Tree Playdough who showed on the pony hunter circuit in Hope Hobday Glenn & Ned Glenn's barn,  His pedigree reads a "Who's Who" of ponies! Taken to Murrieta just to look around, many comments from passers by.

  FOR SALE! Hanna: Quiet small horse or large pony, 12 yr old mare. Ridden in a club all over the Sierras by older lady. Great temperment, quiet, neck reins, some arena work too. Suited for somewhat beginner child or adult, could do English as well!! Or lessons, Pony Club or Pony Camp!! Illness forces sale. 
  SOLD! Bennie: 13.1h, 18 yr old Welsh cross pony gelding. Previously used in a lesson program, lunge line lessons for the beginner rider, intermediate BEGINNERS & above, walk, trot, canter, quietly trot fences or canter full courses w/auto flying changes, will jump anything! Described as coming to the ring w/a smile on his face, giving 2 lessons a day, 5 or 6 days a week, a definate asset to any lesson program, Pony Club or Pony Camp, any mother will apriove!! 
SOLD! Raisin: 9 yr old, POA, 14.2h, gray with some speckles, mare. So quiet, great walk trot W/that beginner child/teen/adult, super for those lunge line lessons, very soft canter departure & canter to teach students to canter. Will trot in & quietly canter out over cross rails. Will pack the little ones, competetive in the Under Saddle Classes, big enough for a teen or adult student to learn on. Some trails, neck reins a little, could go western.
  SOLD! Up-Town Girl: 18 year old, 13.3h, seal bay, Welsh TB mare, quiet on the flat & troting fences, cute mover, even pace to & from small jumps, jumps anything with great form, suited for intermediate Beginner, with help from a knowledgeable horse person, or above rider. Especially good in a program, shown here on right with timid intermediate Beginner rider.  
SOLD! Dakota (Indiana Jones): 13.2h POA 8  yr old gelding. Such a versitile pony, Championships both English & Western!! This quiet pony can do anything you want, English, jumps with even the tiniest riders, Western, won saddles & buckles at Gymkhana, trail, over bridges, through water, exposed to goats, donkeys, traffic, gets along with other horses & ponies. Email for Gymkhana picts! Sadly outgrown.